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Danish Smørrebrød

Groups of 8 and more can now reserve a table for a real „Danish Smørrebrød Feast“. Gunnar Páll Rúnarsson of PORT 9 combines 4 selected treats for a festive occation

1) Smoked salmon with horseradish and smoked eel
2) Paté with bacon, mushrooms and jam
3) Pan fried fish with dill, shrimps and remoulade
4) Chickensalad „Bombay Tart“

3650 pr. pers.

At a glance

Be ready to be spoilt by great service and distinct choices of culinary experiences at Reykjavik most prominent location. Under the helm of Gunnar Páll Rúnarsson PORT 9 combines selected wines and unique blend of appetizers made with the freshest seasonal ingredients.



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Discover Menu


Unforgettable welcome

Blend of the best of wines, appetizers and hospitality in an atmosphere of unmatched classical grandeu and timeless elegance.

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Wine Journey

Capture our passion for great wine, ask for Sútarinn the collection of handpicket botttles from the best of the best around the world.